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H & I Carries the A.A. Message to Those Confined in Hospitals, Institutions, Rehabs and Prisons.
The Work

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1st Week 12:30pm TTC Michael M.
1:30pm TTCY Rico
6:00pm A Ashley S.
7:30pm WS Mike W.
7:30pm TTC Brandon D.
7:30pm A Keri S.
5:00pm CSP(1)
7:00pm A Monica   7:00pm A Sheila G. 9:00am CSP(A) Denise J.
9:00am CSP(B) Sheila
9:00am CSP(C) Stu D.
12:00pm CSP(D) Al N.
2nd Week 10:00am AVAC H&I Comm.
12:30pm TTC Rebecca
1:30pm TTCY Gabi
6:00pm A Talisa C.
7:30pm WS Tony Z.
7:30pm TTC Mario V.
7:30pm A Kim B.
5:00pm CSP(1)
6:30pm CCI Denice
7:00pm A Holli J.
  7:00pm A Angeline 7:30pm WS Rod C.
3rd Week 12:30pm TTC Darnell B.
1:30pm TTCY Mark N.
6:00pm A Michelle P.
7:30pm TTC Rico
7:30pm A Shannon J.
5:00pm CSP(1) Sheila G.
7:00pm A Erica F.
7:30pm WS Rico
  7:00pm A Summer Z.
7:30pm WS Brian O.
8:30am CSP(A) Sheila
8:30am CSP(B) Gene McG.
8:30am CSP(C) Tony Z.
12:00pm CSP(D) Steve A.
1:30pm WS Mario
4th Week 11:00am AVCO H&I Intergroup.
12:30pm TTC Nico O.
1:30pm TTCY Charlie P.
6:00pm A Ashton R.
7:30pm TTC Boyce.
7:30pm A Paula
7:30pm WS Josh P.
5:00pm CSP(1)
7:00pm A Kayla L.
7:30pm WS Kahlil W.
  7:00pm A Paula T.
7:30pm WS Scott C.

5th Week 12:30am TTC John K.
1:30pm WS Mark N.
1:30pm TTCY
6:00pm A Sarah B.
7:30pm TTC Arne P.
7:30pm A Jaqueline M.
5:00pm CSP(1)
7:00 A Lisa   7:00pm A Melissa C. 1:30pm WS Mario V.

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